There were once two very single people and both were tired of being alone. They had never met, but many details of their lives were the same. Both had gone on a series of blind dates provided by friends and family. Each had been told their work was boring. Neither of them had a glamorous career, but each of them were satisfied in their professional life. He was an actuarial for an insurance company, and she worked as a librarian for an advertising agency. Both of them finally chose to join an online service to find a date, and they happened to choose the same one.

They were matched almost immediately although neither of them posted a photo or added many personal details. It took weeks for them to correspond through the email service before agreeing to meet at a local coffee shop. Sarah said she had brown hair to her waist and would wear a bright green sweater. Geoff responded he would wear a dark grey suit with a red and grey tie. Their date was for seven that night.

Geoff, exceedingly nervous, arrived a few minutes early. He missed Sarah because she was talking to a woman at the next table. Instead, he saw a short woman, long brown hair and a green sweater. She was quite pregnant. Being a gentleman, Geoff introduced himself and offered to get her a coffee. She pointed to her drink. When he sat down, her smile turned into a grimace. Unknown to either of them, this was Sarah's cousin, Shelly. It was her one night out with no husband or kids and Geoff was disturbing it.

He tried hard to make conversation with her, but all attempts were immediately rebuffed. His final question, about being a surrogate mother, was the last straw for Shelly. Fortunately, her phone rang and it was Sarah. She was upset her date had fallen through. When she described the circumstances, Shelly's laughter rang throughout the shop. She pointed Geoff toward Sarah and wished him good luck as she left with the hope they were just right for each other.